Where We Practice

Goldstein and Price, L.C. includes lawyers who are licensed to practice in Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, California and Colorado and numerous federal trial and appellate courts throughout the United States. Our attorneys also have been admitted by other courts to handle matters from Maine to Georgia and South Carolina to Montana. Wherever and whenever our clients have a need, we are prepared to try to help them. Please survey the map of the United States on this page and learn about some of our cases and the places where we have handled them.

  • In California, Goldstein and Price advises clients about legal issues involving West Coast ports, cruise ships, and maritime liens.

  • We regularly litigate cases in the state and federal courts in Chicago and throughout Illinois

  • Agribusiness and maritime companies often seek our assistance in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.

  • In the plains states, and throughout the Midwest and the South, we litigate insurance coverage disputes and represent agribusiness in court and in railroad and real estate transactional matters.

  • We handle Jones Act and other maritime lawsuits and transactions throughout the inland river system, including the Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Illinois, Tennessee, and Arkansas Rivers and their tributaries.