Alan K. Goldstein

“A client asked whether
I am the only lawyer who
answers his own phone and always
is available. When people trust us
with their legal matters, part of our
job is to keep them informed.”

Alan K. Goldstein

Robert D. Nienhuis

“ Trying cases is about
trust. I have to show
people they have reason to trust
me, so they will be more likely to
rule in my client’s favor.”

Robert D. Nienhuis

Neal W. Settergren

“Our feeling is the
law is a profession and
should be practiced that way.”

Milton I. Goldstein, Co-Founder (1914-2003)
The Right Stuff,” a profile of Goldstein and Price
by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Daryl F. Sohn

“ We practice as a team.
We team up with our clients and the
lawyers at our firm team up to give our
clients the benefit of ourcollective

Daryl Sohn
Of Counsel

Douglas E. Gossow

“Our feeling is the
law is a profession and
should be practiced that way.”

Milton I. Goldstein, Co-Founder (1914-2003)
The Right Stuff,” a profile of Goldstein and Price
by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Practice Areas

Admiralty and Maritime Law ∙ Agribusiness Law ∙ Insurance Coverage ∙ Trial and Appellate Practice ∙ Environmental and Toxic Torts

A Nationwide Practice Based in St. Louis, Missouri

At Goldstein and Price, L.C., in St. Louis, Missouri, our lawyers advise and defend clients in a wide variety of commercial disputes and admiralty matters. Please contact us today to discuss our experience and capabilities in the following practice areas:

Admiralty and Maritime Law
Our admiralty and maritime litigation practice encompasses all types of maritime claims, including but not limited to:

  • Jones Act and longshoreman’s claims
  • Employment Discrimination
  • Marine disasters involving
  • Vessel collisions and allusions
  • Pollution
  • Cargo losses
  • Administrative proceedings
  • Maritime liens and the arrest of vessels

In cases involving major catastrophes, we have been a leader in utilizing the maritime doctrine of limitation of liability to try to reduce the exposure of vessel owners and operators in appropriate circumstances.

We also provide clients with comprehensive representation in maritime transactions, including vessel acquisition, financing, and maritime creditors’ rights. We help businesses and individuals navigate the complex myriad of regulations that govern business operations on and about the nation’s waterways.

Insurance Law
Our firm represents insurance companies in coverage disputes, bad faith litigation, and subrogation claims. We also provide insurance coverage opinions and offer advice on the legal aspects of claims handling practices and policy language.

Toxic Tort and Environmental Law
We defend companies in toxic tort and CERCLA litigation in the state and federal courts of Missouri and Illinois, including cases involving claimed exposure to industrial or chemical substance, such as asbestos, benzene and various petroleum products.

Our attorneys also provide guidance regarding state and federal regulatory compliance with applicable environmental regulations.

Complex Trial and Appellate Practice
Our firm represents clients in state and federal courtrooms across the nation. We have successfully tried cases and handled appeals in a broad variety of jurisdictions. Our litigation practice includes matters involving:

  • Commercial fraud
  • Unfair competition
  • Breach of contract
  • Class actions
  • Professional liability
  • Product liability
  • Civil liberties and privacy rights
  • A variety of commercial and civil disputes in addition to the maritime, insurance, toxic tort, and environmental matters described above

Agribusiness Companies
Many of our clients are agribusiness firms that we have represented for many years in maritime litigation. Increasingly, they have asked to handle other legal matters for them, including a broad variety of transactions. We are delighted to have an opportunity to expand our professional relationships with existing clients.